Portrait of You, aka The Salt Slug, is patinaed bronze, 30"x30", a unique piece sold years ago. Another version of this piece is available as a commission.

"Self Organization"

"Portrait of You"

Self Organization is a bronze sculpture that utilizes a 1938 Underwood 14" carriage typewriter as a foundation for eight individually sculpted tentacles. This sculpture will never have a copy, there is no edition and is truly one of a kind, taking around five years to complete.

The concept of this piece refers to Moore's Law, which postulates that all intelligent beings at some point reach self knowledge, a recognition of "I".  This creature comes to life and reaches for the letter I, in spite of being a strange and unexpected hybrid. This is a metaphor for all of us, as we seek self organization and realization.

Self Portrait, aka The Hammer Slug, is a unique bronze sold years ago. Another version of this piece is available by commission.

"Self Portrait"

Print Press for the Sculpture of Courtney Brown...

"If Our Days Won't Last", Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, 2017

Featured in Heritage Post Magazine, April 2016

Art, Ltd., SLOMA Gallery California Sculpture Slam, October 2015

Whitefish Review, used by permission, 20th issue

Fordham University Press, used by permission, The Writing of Spirit by Sarah Pourciau 2015

Western Washington University literary magazine, used by permission, 2017

Bronze Sculpture

by Courtney Brown

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