Bronze Sculpture

by Courtney Brown

Self Organization is a bronze sculpture that utilizes a 1938 Underwood 14" carriage typewriter as a foundation for eight individually sculpted tentacles. This sculpture will never have a copy, there is no edition and is truly one of a kind, taking around five years to complete.

The concept of this piece refers to Moore's Law, which postulates that all intelligent beings at some point reach self knowledge, a recognition of "I".  This creature comes to life and reaches for the letter I, in spite of being a strange and unexpected hybrid. This is a metaphor for all of us, as we seek self organization and realization.

The Octopus Typewriter can be found on many websites and social media sites:

Bored Panda

Dangerous Minds

Laughing Squid

this is colossal

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art




Self Portrait, aka The Hammer Slug, is a unique bronze sold years ago. Another version of this piece is available by commission.

Portrait of You, aka The Salt Slug, is patinaed bronze, 30"x30", a unique piece sold years ago. Another version of this piece is available as a commission.

"Portrait of You"

"Self Portrait"

"Self Organization"

Another version of this sculpture.